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Tiny Artist (age 3-4)

Tiny Artist (age 3-4)

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In our Tiny Artist class, children aged 3 to 4 years old will learn how to see all the wonderful things around us with eyes full of creativity and big imaginations! We're going to have so much fun discovering how we can use things we find every day to make something super cool. We'll learn how to make our drawings look even better, play with colors to make our art pop, and create shapes that can be anything we imagine!

Course Content:

  • Art Adventure: We'll draw and paint our dreams and stories.
  • Building Blocks of Art: We'll start with simple lines and spots to make our art strong and beautiful.
  • Picture Puzzles: We'll learn how to put all parts of our picture in just the right place.
  • Shape Play: We'll make all sorts of shapes to show what we're thinking about.
  • Color Party: We'll see how colors work together and use them to tell our stories.

Course Structure:

  • Introductory PowerPoint (10 minutes): A concise, engaging presentation introduces art concepts and techniques, setting the stage for creative exploration.
  • Art Creation (45 minutes): Students then apply what they've learned in a hands-on session, turning concepts into personal artwork, fostering creativity and skill development.
  • Presentation and Feedback (5 minutes): The class ends with a brief period where students share their work, offering a chance for feedback and peer learning, reinforcing a supportive and constructive learning environment.

Materials Provided:

All art materials and supplies will be provided by Amazing Art lab. Just bring your curiosity and creativity!

Online Student Portfolio:

After each class, the artwork created by each student will be uploaded to their individual online portfolios, accompanied by the teacher's feedback.

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