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Thursday & Saturday

Blooming Artist (age 8-11)

Blooming Artist (age 8-11)

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In our Blooming Artist class, children aged 8 to 11 years old will delving deeper into the world of realistic art representation. As young artists blossom, they begin to understand the nuances of the world around them, respecting the essence of their subjects. This course nurtures the dawning period of realism in their art, encouraging children to marry realistic perspectives with their imaginative content.

Course Content:

  • Enhanced Observation: Cultivate a profound ability to observe, perceive, and portray.
  • Free Expression Through Elements: Master the freedom of representing emotions and thoughts using points, lines, and planes.
  • Artistic Appreciation: Explore different dimensions of artistic culture, gaining respect and admiration for global art forms.
  • Color Mastery: Dive deep into the world of colors, experimenting with adjacent shades, contrasting hues, gradients, and more, paving the way for vibrant creations.
  • Technique Exploration: With a solid foundation in line work, venture into diverse drawing techniques such as acrylic, watercolor, pencil sketching and shading to bring visions to life.

Course Structure:

  • Introductory PowerPoint (15 minutes): A concise, engaging presentation introduces art concepts and techniques, setting the stage for creative exploration.
  • Art Creation (65 minutes): Students then apply what they've learned in a hands-on session, turning concepts into personal artwork, fostering creativity and skill development.
  • Presentation and Feedback (10 minutes): The class ends with a brief period where students share their work, offering a chance for feedback and peer learning, reinforcing a supportive and constructive learning environment.

Materials Provided:

All art materials and supplies will be provided by Amazing Art lab. Just bring your curiosity and creativity!

Online Student Portfolio:

After each class, the artwork created by each student will be uploaded to their individual online portfolios, accompanied by the teacher's feedback.

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